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Map RecordA for Adventure

Map RecordA for AdventureHalifax Regional Municipality

Map RecordA.G. Baillie Memorial School

Map RecordA.G. Baillie Memorial SchoolNew Glasgow

Map RecordAbercrombie Community Centre

Map RecordAbercrombie Community CentreAbercrombie

Map RecordAbercrombie Golf & Country Club

Map RecordAbercrombie Golf & Country ClubAbercrombie

Map RecordAbercrombie Volunteer Fire Department

Map RecordAbercrombie Volunteer Fire DepartmentAbercrombie

Map RecordAbercrombie Women's Institute

Map RecordAbercrombie Women's InstituteNew Glasgow

Map RecordAcadia Park & Trails

Map RecordAcadia Park & TrailsWestville

Map RecordAcadian Park

Map RecordAcadian ParkLarry's River

Map RecordActive Pictou County

Map RecordActive Pictou CountyPictou

Map RecordActive Start

Map RecordActive StartSpring Garden (Halifax Peninsula)

Map RecordAfricentric Heritage Park

Map RecordAfricentric Heritage ParkNew Glasgow

Map RecordAfrikan Canadian Heritage and Friendship Centre

Map RecordAfrikan Canadian Heritage and Friendship CentreGuysborough

Map RecordAfton Ballfield

Map RecordAfton BallfieldAfton, Antigonish County

Map RecordAlbion Baseball Field

Map RecordAlbion Baseball FieldStellarton

Map RecordAlbion Boxing Club

Map RecordAlbion Boxing ClubTrenton

Map RecordAlbion Trail

Map RecordAlbion TrailStellarton

Map RecordAll For Horses Association

Map RecordAll For Horses AssociationAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAllan Park and Playground

Map RecordAllan Park and PlaygroundStellarton

Map RecordAlma Fire Dept/Hall

Map RecordAlma Fire Dept/HallAlma

Map RecordAlpine Ski Nova Scotia

Map RecordAlpine Ski Nova ScotiaHalifax Regional Municipality

Map RecordAlumni Aquatic Centre, StFX University

Map RecordAlumni Aquatic Centre, StFX UniversityAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAnchors Above Zipline Adventures

Map RecordAnchors Above Zipline AdventuresFrench River

Map RecordAngus L. MacDonald Library, StFX

Map RecordAngus L. MacDonald Library, StFXAntigonish, NS

Annapolis Valley Recreation Sta(y)tion - Covid-19

 Annapolis Valley Recreation Sta(y)tion - Covid-19Annapolis Valley Region

Map RecordAnnex Field

Map RecordAnnex FieldNew Glasgow

Map RecordAntigonish 55+ Games

Map RecordAntigonish 55+ GamesSt Andrews, Antigonish County

Map RecordAntigonish Aikikai, Peter MacLean

Map RecordAntigonish Aikikai, Peter MacLeanAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish All Wheels Skatepark

Map RecordAntigonish All Wheels SkateparkAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Angels Baseball Club

Map RecordAntigonish Angels Baseball ClubAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Archery Association

Map RecordAntigonish Archery AssociationAntigonish County

Map RecordAntigonish Arena

Map RecordAntigonish ArenaAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Arts House

Map RecordAntigonish Arts HouseAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Badminton Association

Map RecordAntigonish Badminton AssociationAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Baseball Association

Map RecordAntigonish Baseball AssociationAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Boat Club

Map RecordAntigonish Boat ClubHarbour Centre

Antigonish Budlight Slowpitch Softball Association

 Antigonish Budlight Slowpitch Softball AssociationAntigonish, NS

Antigonish Celtics Soccer Club

 Antigonish Celtics Soccer ClubAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Challenger Baseball Association

Map RecordAntigonish Challenger Baseball AssociationAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish County 4-H

Map RecordAntigonish County 4-HAntigonish County

Map RecordAntigonish County Fire Department/Hall

Map RecordAntigonish County Fire Department/HallBeech Hill (Ant. Co.)

Map RecordAntigonish County Recreation

Map RecordAntigonish County RecreationAntigonish County

Map RecordAntigonish Creative Dance Association

Map RecordAntigonish Creative Dance AssociationAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish District Girl Guides

Map RecordAntigonish District Girl GuidesAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Education Centre

Map RecordAntigonish Education CentreAntigonish County

Map RecordAntigonish Farmers Market

Map RecordAntigonish Farmers MarketAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Golf & Country Club

Map RecordAntigonish Golf & Country ClubCloverville, Antigonish County

Map RecordAntigonish Heritage Museum

Map RecordAntigonish Heritage MuseumAntigonish, NS

Antigonish Highland Dancing Association

 Antigonish Highland Dancing AssociationAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Highland Games

Map RecordAntigonish Highland GamesAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Highland Skateboarding Association

Map RecordAntigonish Highland Skateboarding AssociationAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Hiking & Biking Trails Association

Map RecordAntigonish Hiking & Biking Trails AssociationAntigonish County

Map RecordAntigonish Landing Trail

Map RecordAntigonish Landing TrailAntigonish Landing

Antigonish Minor Basketball Association

 Antigonish Minor Basketball AssociationAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Minor Football Association

Map RecordAntigonish Minor Football AssociationAntigonish, NS

Antigonish Minor Girls Softball

 Antigonish Minor Girls SoftballAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Minor Hockey Association

Map RecordAntigonish Minor Hockey AssociationAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Minor Softball

Map RecordAntigonish Minor SoftballAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish North Shore Lookoffs

Map RecordAntigonish North Shore LookoffsAntigonish County

Map RecordAntigonish Recreation Department Tennis

Map RecordAntigonish Recreation Department TennisAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Rowing Club

Map RecordAntigonish Rowing ClubLochaber, Antigonish County

Map RecordAntigonish Sno-Dogs Snowmobile Association

Map RecordAntigonish Sno-Dogs Snowmobile AssociationAntigonish, NS

Antigonish Stoirm Volleyball Club

 Antigonish Stoirm Volleyball ClubAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Therapeutic Riding Association

Map RecordAntigonish Therapeutic Riding AssociationAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Town & County Library: the People's Place Library, Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library

Map RecordAntigonish Town & County Library: the People's Place Library, Pictou-Antigonish Regional LibraryAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Wee Lads & Lassies

Map RecordAntigonish Wee Lads & LassiesAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Women's Hockey League

Map RecordAntigonish Women's Hockey LeagueAntigonish, NS

Map RecordAntigonish Wrestling Club

Map RecordAntigonish Wrestling ClubAntigonish, NS

Map RecordApex Dance

Map RecordApex DanceNew Glasgow

Map RecordArchery Nova Scotia

Map RecordArchery Nova ScotiaSpring Garden (Halifax Peninsula)

Map RecordArisaig Beach

Map RecordArisaig BeachAntigonish County

Map RecordArisaig Community Recreation

Map RecordArisaig Community RecreationArisaig, Antigonish County

Arisaig Parish Community Centre Society

 Arisaig Parish Community Centre SocietyArisaig, Antigonish County

Map RecordArisaig Pickleball

Map RecordArisaig PickleballArisaig, Antigonish County

Map RecordArisaig Provincial Park & Trails

Map RecordArisaig Provincial Park & TrailsArisaig, Antigonish County

Map RecordArisaig Wharf and Lighthouse

Map RecordArisaig Wharf and LighthouseArisaig, Antigonish County

Map RecordAshlei Ballet School

Map RecordAshlei Ballet SchoolStellarton

Map RecordAthletics Nova Scotia

Map RecordAthletics Nova ScotiaHalifax Regional Municipality

Map RecordAtlantic Division CanoeKayak Canada

Map RecordAtlantic Division CanoeKayak CanadaDartmouth

Map RecordAtwater Park

Map RecordAtwater ParkBoylston

Map RecordAuld's Cove Ballfield

Map RecordAuld's Cove BallfieldAulds Cove

Map RecordAuld's Cove Beach

Map RecordAuld's Cove BeachAulds Cove

Auld's Cove Recreation Committee

 Auld's Cove Recreation CommitteeAulds Cove

Map RecordAuld's Cove Wharf

Map RecordAuld's Cove WharfMunicipality of the District of Guysborough